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Falcon Report

The 3 Amigos…..Falcon Lake Edition

By October 8, 2012No Comments

For those that read my blog and have never been to Falcon Lake, let me give a small piece of advice. When the weather guessers put an N or E in the wind direction, don’t trust the guess. I put my game plan together based on the North wind blowing 8 mph before shifting East at 5 mph. It didn’t shift East at 5 until dang near 3 pm and North at 8? LOL, nada. I wanted to show these gentlemen some easy spots to fish around the dam and just couldn’t do it after launching North and fishing North for a few hours. Two of my clients were in a smaller follow boat and Harry and I were in my Bullet. We tried to get to the dam, but I threw in the towel and gave my best Roberto Duran impersonation. We spent most of the day in Tigers and Pierces. The fishing was tough, but we expected it. This nasty cold front CLOBBERED us as well down here. We still managed a decent stringer and caught around 15 fish. Before our last run Harry got frisky and announced that I have lace on my underpants if I didn’t hit 80 mph. Well, after losing his hat and doing his own Roberto Duran at 85 mph, he didn’t ask for a lace check. Al was the hero with his 7 and a half, but everyone caught fish and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Harry, Bobby, and Al have a great rest of your trip and I hope to see you all again soon.

Total Fish: 15

Best 5: about 28 lbs

Kicker: 7 and a half