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Thanks Scott….Russ update.

Got some good news to share in regards to Russ’ kiddo. He’s doing much better and continues to improve. Pneumonia isn’t something to F with, especially when you are talking about an 18 month old youngin. Things are looking up though and that’s quite a relief and look forward to seeing Russ in 13 days.





Scott and my man Tony are on a race to see who can hit 20 bookings first in 2015… Right now they are both neck and neck. Scott is on the books for the 22nd and will more than likely take the lead with that trip. I can’t thank these guys enough for supporting Highstakesbassin and giving me the opportunity to show them, their friends, and business associates a good time.



Today we got on fish early and often. We had more action today than I’ve seen my last 3 to 5 trips combined. Sure was fun. We didn’t boat any walruses, but we had 4 verified chances and a couple others that we didn’t get a good enough look at to label a walrus…..and yes I know what you’re thinking.



Hahahahaha… break-offs today. We had a variety of ways that they got away from us, but breaking off was not one of them. I did manage to catch the biggest gar I have ever seen on a rod and reel. I don’t know how long this monster was, but a conservative guess would be 7 foot. Scott has a video of me trying to wear the beast out. I guess I did have one break off…..we caught fish from 1 foot 10 foot, but I’ll admit that our best bite today was 4 foot and less and three of our big girl bites were in < a foot of water. Spinnerbaits and lizards were the ticket today with a baby brush hog mixed in for good measure. Gonna get the boat in order for another newly wed couple heading to Zapata for a Falcon Lake trip on Friday. They are coming from a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ways away and only have em for one day. No pressure.



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