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Falcon Report

Thanks Linda…..

By May 12, 2013No Comments

I know what all of you out there are thinking……”Jay you have straight up lost it. Who’s this Linda?” So I’ll tell you. Linda is the one who engineered this magnificent trip for these three fine men as a surprise 25th year anniversary gift for her husband Paul. No I am not joking here folks. Yes, yes indeed my friend Paul lives the good life. I almost want to bust out another J.J.




I just couldn’t resist……lol. These fellas had a 4 day trip that heck I won’t soon forget let alone them. hahahahaha. Paul went out in style with another silly day that was capped off with a 9-0 (Berkley scales…..too windy for the cul m’s….grrrr) The front did adversely affect the fishing today. We caught more 0.5 to 2 lb fish today than we did the other 3 days combined. Did we still end up with a 30 + lb bag? Sure, but there was certainly more work required today. I am going to miss these fellas. I know I beat the “great clients” saying like a dead horse, but I just continue to be blessed with wonderful people trip after trip after trip.