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Thankfully the fishing was very good…..

I started the day running into a gill net while on plane. I didn’t even realize I hit it. Normally when you hit one it’s game over and a whole lot of shake rattling and rolling. A Mexican netter came over later that morning and was none to happy about the development. Little did he know he did me one hell of favor. I would of never known I had a net in my prop until it was a full on shitshow. I originally thought he was just trying to shake me down for some money. I will have some money for him tomorrow though. I HATE getting into their nets and feel bad when I do……it happens, especially when they are poorly marked. Those netters work hard and I don’t enjoy making life more difficult on them. I also had a reel break and for good measure I snapped a rod too.



…..but we did whack on plenty of fish today and had a dang good time doing it too.




Once again the lure of choice was the baby brush hog in the watermelon red magic. They are liking a fast fall rate as well….3/8 oz or even 1/2 oz. Stephen and Dick will be back at it tomorrow and the weather is looking fantastic.







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