Thank goodness today was a 12 round fight……

…….because we got slapped around pretty good for the first 11 rounds. Paul and Ralph saved their best for last and showed ole Falcon what they were made of.








A 6 and a half by Ralph and a 7 and a half by Paul later we headed to the dock. Today was once again a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrind, but with one nuclear explosion at the end. These guys deserved it.


Here’s a pic of Ralph’s first fish of the day…..





He wanted me to make it look like a 5 pounder… Hey Ralph I did what I could! Hahahahahaha.




Sorry about the late post folks!….I woke up to 3 texts and 2 emails with people wondering what the hold up was. lol. I hit “save draft” last night instead of “publish”…..hey I was beat.


Thanks for reading! 

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