Team Pro Angler Marine invades Falcon Lake

Took out Hector and Joe today for a Falcon Lake trip. We had a great time. If you are in the market for a new Ranger give Hector a shot to make it happen. Hector and Joe are as stand up as they come.


To the fishing……ugh, again and again and again and again. Never gonna sugar coat the good, the bad, or the ugly in my reports. You will always get the straight sh!t here. We launched North and ran every square inch of Falcon and then some. With one more stop left in the day we had 3 fish in the boat. Yeah we are talking 2 minute warning not at halftime, but we are talking end of the game. Heck I had ZERO. Hector did boat a nice 7 lber though. Thankfully the last stop of the day produced in a big way. We caught 11 fish there, with nothing bigger than a 4 and half, but man was it fun just to catch some dag gone fish. You ask, did I get skunked? nope and trust me I was more than nervous, but did manage a couple of 2 lb dinks. Hector mentioned earlier in the day that he didn’t believe in lure color or shape. He believed that if the fish will hit one plastic it will hit any plastic, pink, purple, lizard, fluke etc. Well… eh. LOL. Joe ripped off 7 straight fish at the last hole while Hector and I just stood in amazement. Joe’s W/R zoom fluke did some serious work and had Hector scrambling to find one himself. To Hector’s defense he did catch the big fish of the day on a lizard. All of our plastics fish came via the c-rig. Me? I stayed stubborn and threw a jig and crank pretty much exclusively. MEH. Hector took my Ranger back to put some more goodies on it, so I will be in my bullet for the next few days and it will have an assignment Tuesday. Gonna have to break out my Bullet gear.






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