Tackle shed is done……

Well I have made use of my off time by insuring that my tackle is secure and safe from the environment. I lost several thousand dollars worth of stuff due to the heat in my storage building. That won’t happen again. It certainly is no Taj Mahal, but I certainly think it will be saffice. I will take some pics of the handy work maybe tomorrow. I don’t think I will quit my day job. LOL. Looks as though I am going to be booked up for the weekend…..looking forward to it. Would like to pop a 40 lb bag or two. I am hearing that the Sun Belt Tourney is being led with a 23 lb sack. (3 fish limit) I also went down with the kids to collect a few sea shells and wow are there a lot of floaters. Mind you I killed a 6 lb’er (it had two giant soft plastics stuck in its gut) in the tourney I fished and it still is bothering me, but to see that many floaters is sad and there are 2 more days left of this tourney. Let’s hope the fish kill lightens up over the next few days.