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Doc and I had pretty good bounce back day. Most of our day was spent South of marker 3 and we found the fish much more active with the exception of our trip to the Salinias. Folks if you are coming down do not waste your time heading to the backs of these creeks. They aren’t there…..yet. We caught all of our fish on Spro deep diving cranks, Mag Flukes (green pumpkin candy) and Poor Boy creature baits (watermelon red candy…..think garlic). We caught 34 fish. (Doc and I would assign a player to the number of fish we caught in order to help us keep track of the fish we caught…..hence the title Sweetness, ie the great Walter Peyton) Once again the only complaint from today? you guessed it…..size. Doc crushed me on numbers, like 25 to 9 type of beating. I caught the biggest bass that would of hit the 5ish pound mark and Doc had one that would of hit 4. The rest were 1-3 pounds. Doc also caught the biggest crappie I have ever seen live and in color. It beat out Saturdays monster of a crappie caught by Robert.



We have one more round tomorrow and we will be at full strength with Vaughn and Waggy joining Doc after their Sugar adventure with Mr. Law.





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