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Falcon Report

Sweet Mother of Pearl Goodness……

By June 28, 2013No Comments

……boys and girls, life is good. The z522 is back and I had forgotten how smooth and quite the Terrova is when operating at 100%. It’s been some time to say the least. I did have a scare though with the SHO. I had water pressure, but the motor would not “pee”. Sooooooooo I went to FLT and James made a snake and ran it up in there. We were not optimistic that it was going to work because there was nothing visible that got dislodged. We loaded back up and headed out again. Low and behold the SHO was pi$$ing like a 6……..racehorse. James and I fished for a couple of hours and caught a few fish, but we did not boat any monsters. James did break a good fish off, but we never saw it… heck it could of been a 4lber to 14lber, who knows. I will be hard at it for the next 4 days…..hopefully we can boat a few Walruses.