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Falcon Report

Sure was fun to….

By November 20, 2013No Comments

….whack on some fish for a change.  Kyle and John fished with me back in December.


43 lb bag and John with a near miss DD….yeah they had a pretty good trip.  lol.  We didn’t have that kind of quality today, but we had a bazillion bites and caught a lot of fish.  We literally had more bites and fish today than I have caught the last two weeks combined.  We had 4 big bites with John’s straight up walrus 3 feet from the net before she jumped for the 5th time and dislodged his spinnerbait.  John was funny…..”well there goes my website picture fish.”  We stayed in the thick cover for most of the day.  The lure of choice, and this is without question, was the plum ole monster from Zoom on a 1/4 sinker.  We hit the rocks for a total of maybe an hour with….wait for it…….waiting……..drum roll…..ZERO bites.  We marked plenty of bait yet again and plenty of fish AROUND the structure, but not locked on or actively feeding.  I sure wish I was working tomorrow and Friday….I think it might get a lil silly before this nasty front.