Today started out fantastic for us as Cindy got us on the board quickly with a buckaroo bass as pictured.




We were the first boat in OPEC creek today and there are plenty of fish in there, but not enough fish to support 30 freaking boats. 95% of the boats on Falcon Lake today were in OPEC. I don’t know who is telling all these people to go there, but I have my theories. For those of you that don’t know Falcon well OPEC is a creak on the US side between School Bus and Pierces Cove. It’s a creek that was getting very little play for months until this nuclear explosion of late……


We certainly didn’t set Falcon Lake on fire today as can be expected. I got one of “those” emails from my number one fan last night. Sooooooo I better put a “positive” spin on today’s fishing. Nobody got skunked and Super Cindy has a new personal best courtesy of Falcon Lake. The fish went 4.06 pounds. Congrats Cindy! Tomorrow we shoot for the 5 pound mark 🙂








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  • I’m going to get you for posting those pic’ Trae and I had a great time fishing with you and we look forward to coming back. Trae got to fish on his dream lake & hey the fish are like women we’er not always biting..HaHa Trae and I would like to extend you & your family an invitation, if you ever want to get away some weekend and fish a different lake, we would love to have you, meals & your welcome to the Dora The Explorer bed. jk But we would love to have y’all just holler ahead so we can make plans. Again I hate I missed out on Saturday but between no sleep & a bad headache I had to give it to Trae. Thanks again for everything. Spinner bait will be used this weekend by me:-) I recommend you to anyone wanting a guide on Falcon for sure. Don’t be a stranger my friend. Super Cindy


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