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Super Cindy takes the day off…..

By March 1, 2014No Comments

….I feel pretty bad about Cindy not joining us today. She fished like a lady possessed yesterday, heck she wore me out and I wasn’t the one casting and cranking. The wind was brutal early yesterday and the sun I think finished her off in the afternoon. Like I said she didn’t stop casting until I said it was quitting time. So with the news of Cindy not joining us I decided to fish today. I literally didn’t pick up a rod yesterday. I fished as hard today as I have ever fished while guiding and when 11 o’clock rolled around I had ZERO fish and not even a singular bite. Luckily Trae brought his A game early and put us on the board multiple times with buck bass. I have never been skunked on this lake personally. I am talking fishing HARD and for a minimum of 8 hours. I was scared I was going to have to come in here and admit that I got skunked. Well… didn’t happen and today nearly got really special for me. I boated two 7’s and broke off a sure fire DD…..damn retama. Trae and I battle to the end today……..and let’s be clear. We worked for every single bite that came our way. We caught fish from 18 inches to 11 foot of water…… Brush hogs, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. The big girl was in 18 inches of water. I don’t normally take pictures of my fish, but after the stretch I have endured I didn’t think anybody would fault me for taking the pic of the last 7 pounder.