Wow…. Falcon got silly today. Numbers? Meh. Quality? Lol. Um yeah. Cindy absolutely crushed us today. She had a 30+ pound sack before I picked up a rod. If you read my last blog I talked about active fish and non active fish and graphing these fish. Well we found a spot in 17-20 foot of water loaded with bait and bass feeding. Problem was that most of the bass were not on the bottom. They were around 12 foot deep. Cindy threw her 6xd out there and seeeeeelowly reeled it back and caught a fish on what seemed like every cast. I believe her crankbait was diving right into the fish that were feeding on the suspended baitfish. It was fun to watch. Charlie and I caught fish, but Cindy out caught us nearly 2-1. Oh and did I mention Cindy’s 8.3 PB is no longer her PB? Her PB is now a 10.1 monster of a bass. Congrats Cindy on making The Falcon Wall of Fame!!! Let’s get to some pics 🙂

Oh and Cindy named her fish Crankenstein….. Fitting if ya ask me.

Total fish: 19
Best 5: about 36 lbs
Kicker: 10.1







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