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Super Bowl Sunday at Sugar Lake Mexico….




For my money it just doesn’t get any better than that right there. We got on the water around 11 o’clock as James had to open FLT. When we hit the water the bite was on and I mean really on. We boated 11 fish in 2 hours without a dink to be had. I caught one in the 6.5 lb neighborhood. (pictured) and James had a walrus that I should of netted for him. We were flipping and he had that fish banging the side of the boat in about 1.3 seconds. He bent over to lip herĀ and missed a few times and finally she jumped off and swam away. I’m still kicking myself for not jumping down and helping him with the fish. Two factors were working against me. I was on my 5th beer (I know, I know….lightweight and you are correct) and the fact that James has a high dollar retractable fold out net that I was lil intimidated by. He also claims that he hollered for the net……that’s not what I remember, but see the 5 beer part above. It was no DD, but certainly a damn nice fish. I wish I didn’t have to talk about the last 4 hours or so of fishing, but I will. We did a lot of looking and a lot of casting and didn’t so much as get one bite the final 4 hours or so. I have no freaking idea what happened to the bite. Carlos had a guide trip over thereĀ and he experienced the same thing. As ole Jimmy Houston would say….fishing is fishing. We woke up this morning to a damn stiff North wind and we opted to come back to Zapata without putting the boat on the water. I’m going to get to hang out with Jaime and the kids which is a good thing. Jaime is coming home at 4……Life’s good. I will be on Falcon tomorrow and will be scouting for some upcoming trips. Here is the pic of my Jr. Sugar Lake Walrus.





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