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Sugar Lake

Went down with Tommy the last couple of days to get a crash course on Sugar Lake in preparation for Tommy’s group of four that I am helping with next week. Two days with Tommy is like 722 days on my own and I am serious. Why you ask? Sugar is in Mexico and that means no navionics and no maps. It also helps that few people know that lake any better than Tommy. Now I have cheated a bit as well with some online tools that I will not discuss here…….lol. In typical fashion Tommy and I had a great time and we worked like dogs out there. I haven’t fished that hard in years. We covered a lot of water from 20+ ft to 2ft and everywhere in between. Sugar has caught an insane amount of water and these fish have scatted to the wind. Check out the picture of the spillway. Kinda made me queasy to be honest.


I am going to come clean real quick like. I broke off an 11 lb + fish. I spooled my crank rod with 20lb test fluoro because of the timber. I got this fish out of the tree she was in and then…….POW! My line broke halfway between the fish and my rod tip. A few seconds later she came belly flopping out of the water a few feet from the boat trying to get rid of my crankbait. Unreal…..I must have had a weak spot or something in my dag gone line. Needless to say I could of bitten a nail clean in half. Here are a few of our best from the trip including my 9-7.




Little slice of paradise down there……




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