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Sugar Lake with two of the most interesting men….

the most interesting

What a fun freaking trip. Our biggest fish of the trip went 8.89.



I want to make sure I am clear on one thing. Much like Falcon nothing is coming easy on Sugar Lake. These men worked their ass off and fished as hard as any two human beings could possibly fish. The first day could of been EPIC. We had roughly 8 fish on that were well into the 8+ pound range and we only boated the one. I was the culprit on three of those fish and before you go calling me a P…….

pussy cat

…..I challenge you to come on down and try your luck at the Sugar Lake hand to hand combat fishing with these freaks of nature. Today the big fish bite just wasn’t there for us. Did we catch some nice fish? sure, but I really do not think we had a single fish on that would of hit the 8 pound mark. The biggest fish of the day was my 7 lber (not pictured) that I caught in the last 15 minutes. I pulled a Norman Deep lil N out and decided to crank the middle of the last drain we were in and jackpot. Needless to say I wish I had one more day with these guys……Ole David Fritz would of had nothing on us. I am back on Falcon for the rest of March and into April. My April and May are wide open at the moment. I literally just had the 11th of May book up about 30 minutes ago. Cya all tomorrow!


IMG_6414.JPG IMG_6416.JPG

IMG_6412.JPG IMG_6410.JPG



and my new favorite pic of 2015……drum roooooolllllll.



Cliff gave me the best compliment while we were driving back to Zapata. “I really enjoyed fishing with you Jay. It was like fishing with an old friend.”


Gracias hombres



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