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Sugar Lake scouting trip……Charlie is BACK!!!!

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Sugar Lake. It sure was fun to get back down there. My last trip was back in April with Vaughn and Sir Brockinhammer. Sugar at that time was gaining an insane amount of water and changed dramatically from my March trip. I have been wanting to get back to Sugar for a few months, but my schedule here on Falcon and my vacation schedule got in the way of that. Soooooooo off I went to put time on the water.


Day 1

I fished hard for 7 hours. I caught 21 fish. I caught fish on spinnerbaits, T-rigged and c-rigged plastics and DD22’s. Every single fish was a carbon copy of the fish below give or take a pound in either direction of 3 lbs. No big bites for me.



Here are a few pics of Sugar Lake Motel and the dam.











Day 2 rolls around and I am pretty sore after golfing with Tommy on Thursday and fishing hard for 7 hours on Day 1. Tommy asked me to check two areas for him. First area I checked produced 3 fish and one beast that destroyed a perfectly fine heavy wire Gamakatsu 5/0 hook. Needless to say I left after that.


The second spot I checked for Tommy did not produce a bite. It was a big area and I could not locate them. I spent the rest of the day scanning and mapping more or less. I ended up catching 11 with one damn nice bite.



Day 2 was also Tommy’s 60th birthday. We had a heck of a feast and drank a few margaritas as well.

IMG_1064.JPG IMG_1066.JPG



Day 3….Tommy and Tim invited me to head out with them. I only took out one rod and really didn’t want to take that. My goal was to get a video of Tim or Tommy wrestling with a Sugar Lake walrus. I took a lot of video, but most didn’t pan out except the video below of Tommy flipping a walrus in some hardwoods.




The bite was a strange one while we were there. Often you would square up on a bass and the rod would bow, you would feel the fish then nothing….just like the vid below.


All in all a very fun and productive trip. Sugar Lake is a bass fisherman’s paradise and a privilege to fish.


Next up is my man Charlie for his 3rd round on Falcon Lake this year. So far it’s Falcon Walruses 2, Charlie 0. I’m looking forward to Charlie getting his revenge in fine fashion. He is on the books for tomorrow and Thursday. Cya manana!




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