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Sugar Lake MEGA WALRUS bonanza and top 5…..


Here’s Buddy Select’s Mega Walrus from last week.


Yes that fish is spectacular, but to me the pic of a 17 year old young man smiling in the background makes that pic. Brock gets just how fortunate he is……not many 17 year olds get it, but he sure does. Spending time with your ole man is priceless.

Next up on the MEGA WALRUS barrage were Magic Mike and Flip Master Phil. These guys started their 4 day trip on Falcon Lake. We whacked on plenty of fish here on Falcon, but I could not put these guys on a fish better than 2 pounds. Sooooooooo we moved the show to Sugar. The first two days were very very average by Sugar Lake standards. (8.79 and 9.29 were the big fish boated) Day 3 you ask?




Once again, yes that fish is spec freaking tacular, but my favorite part of that pic? It’s what is in the background. It’s a guy smiling from ear to ear for his buddy who just chased down the fish of a lifetime and he was there to see it. Phil literally no sooner released his fish and this happened…..



Magic Mike boats his own Mega Walrus.



I have said it 128 times on this website and I will say it for the 129th time. As I mentioned in my last report….I have no idea how folks like my Boyzzzzz from Illinois and now Mike and Phil continue to find their way into my boat. I’m grateful and certainly don’t take it for granted. Here are a few more nice pics of Walruses from the week that was…….


img_2215.jpg img_2202.jpg

img_2236.jpg img_2238.jpg

img_2218.jpg img_2212.jpg


Since coming back from my neck surgery here is a look at the top 5 that have hit my scales.


Pretty special and I’m so dag gone happy to be back. I will be off the water for 10 days or so…..taking my 521vx in tomorrow for some maintenance. I’m down to one boat and it needs some love and I still can’t lift stuff like batteries etc….sooooo off it goes. I will see you all in May.




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