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Sugar Lake is the premier lake on this continent right now.

Just got back from a fantastic trip to Sugar Lake Mexico and wow did we blast the fish and before I go any farther. Big Mike, who fished with Tommy both days, had the trip of a lifetime. He boated a 10-2 the first day and then followed it up with an 11-7 today. Check out these two MEGA WALRUSES!





Congrats again Big Mike!! I don’t know how many fish were caught between the two boats. I don’t think I could guess high enough to be honest. If you like wresting giants out of trees you need to get down here ASAP. I’m serious…..this is like Falcon Lake 2011 all over again. Here are a few pics I snapped over the day in a half. Our biggest boated was an 8.52.







Here are a few pics of the Motel……man this place is paradise.

IMG_1238.JPG IMG_1242.JPG




My next scheduled trip isn’t till October. (on the calendar) If you want a truly special trip give me a ring, I have plenty of room to get you in.







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