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Sugar lake and the platinum team trail results.

I am off to Sugar Lake in the morning to help Tommy with a group trip. Few places in my opinion compare to a Sugar Lake experience. I am packed up and ready to roll. I stopped by Falcon Lake tackle this morning to pick Sir James brain as he was just over on Sugar and caught em really good. It’s my understanding that one of my favorite spots on Sugar is loaded up. Can’t wait to get on it tomorrow. I will try to do a little Facebooking while there with a few updates when service is available.




Well the platinum team trail here on Falcon is in the books. This Trail sure has fallen on it’s face in a short period of time. 15 teams fished this tourney. That is mind boggling. Last year when this trail was announced and pumped up as the premier big money trail in Texas¬†there was a waiting list to fish it. They¬†had a 100 team max per tourney. I am happy to say that my clients finished first and my friend Tommy finished 2nd. Total two day weight for Clint and crew was 45.01. Big fish of the tourney was a 9.04 caught by team Bailey and Starnes. Congrats again men and thanks for putting me in your corner.


Day 1 pic



Day 2 pic






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