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Strongest wind gusts….

……that I have fished in all year. I knew the wind would be a factor, but once again the forecasters missed the strength by 20 mph. We saw two young ladies get rescued by the Game Wardens. Those two are lucky to be alive. They both went out in kayaks and when they went out the wind was manageable, but it certainly didn’t stay that way. Glad that this story had a happy ending because being out on Falcon Lake today in anything shy of an aircraft carrier was dicey. We decided to call it a day around noon and to be honest I am glad Troy made the call.  The fishing? Well, it started terribly slow and then the wind laid for about 2 hours and we moved into an area that was beyond loaded. The only problem, in typical fashion on the South end, was size. We caught maybe 30 fish in those 2 hours and drum roll……..1 keeper. I will see the whole Nagy clan in about a month. Hopefully we can get a better mixture of bites and quality without having to sacrifice the one for the other.


I have one more day on the books before my scheduled time off and to say I am looking forward to a lil R and R would be a mild understatement. If you want to catch a bunch of fish before I head to break drop me a line…..I have Friday and Saturday open.




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