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States across the country well represented here on Falcon Lake, Texas.

Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Illinois, New Hampshire and this guy from Pennsylvania…….


img_4296.jpg img_4305.jpg


And I hated to see him leave…….My folks had a great time along the border and Dad was able to fish a lot more this trip. The weather/temps were fantastic and boy did we whack the fish. We laughed and giggled the whole trip. I can’t wait to see him in a month for his 70th birthday in Cleveland, Ohio……Watching tribe baseball and eating a hotdog on dollar dog night at the park. It doesn’t get better than that. Can’t wait.


The fishing along the border continues to be pretty damn good……especially from a fish catching perspective. The three pics below are solid representations of what we are catching a lot of.

img_4291.jpg img_4292.jpg img_4325.jpg


Now listen, we are still catching our fair share of walruses too……..but a lot of man hours are being logged in order to catch em.

img_4326.jpg img_4321.jpg

img_4327.jpg img_4309.jpg

img_4273.jpg img_4285.jpg


And man I sure love this pic…..David was like a 7 year old on Christmas morning when we netted the fish below. Soooooo happy for him.



As we head into May, California is at the Holiday Inn as I write this. Looking forward to showing those men a Falcon Lake whackfest.


See ya on the water.


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