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Falcon Report

Some tough luck on a tough Falcon Lake to start 2014

By January 1, 2014January 4th, 2014No Comments

I took Clois and Paul Bunyan out for their first ever Falcon Lake experience. Let’s talk about Falcon’s current (tough) conditions and my expectations when I take a client out at this time.  Falcon has very small areas that are producing day in and day out. I am not going to act like I know where all these areas are, but I can promise you that there are not many. When I say “areas” I mean small 20 yard stretches. These areas normally have a drain, ditch, creek bend or other abnormality close by that includes some sort of depth change and/or water temp change.(doesn’t take much either) I expect to get 6 to 10 bites a day. With this short term gloom and doom aside I fully expect Happy Days ahead in the not so distant future.



The good news about Falcon’s current state is that I expect most of the bites to be quality with a good chance at a Walrus or two. Today’s action was a carbon copy of what to expect. Unfortunately Clois and Mr. Bunyan were snake bit on this day. We had two big break offs and two other good good fish that just pulled off. We did catch a few DINKS today which is very different from my last several trips. That type of fish just has not  been showing up for me. We might have a wave of bucks coming on up. We shall see. FYI….water temps started at 53.8 this morning. Folks….that’s cold. Clois and Paul thanks for the opportunity and the laughs. Great way to start 2014 regardless of the bad luck, lol.