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Falcon Report

Some tough fishing going on right now……

By June 7, 2013No Comments

The weather man has been putting a beat down on me of late. We have had 3 consecutive days where the wind started to rip around 7am, but would later die off. Today I tried to wait it out main lake, but it was just too strong. I was going to take cover, but another boat was fishing in my take cover spot and I didn’t want to crowd them and I also didn’t want to flip hardwoods either. Soooooooooooooooooooo I put the ole Bullet back on the trailer and we headed South. The wind finally laid around 10 or so and we hit some good dag gone water on the South end of the lake with very and I do mean VERY little to show for it. Mike and Mike are fantastic folks and prized clients to say the least. They certainly deserved a better trip, but I just could not get them on any sort of decent bite the last two days. Big time bummer ……good news is that they are in the early stages of planning another trip down here with me in Feb/March. Hopefully ole Falcon will be a lil more generous towards them.