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Slow beginning to 2020 moves forward……slowly.

A couple of weeks back I thought the fishing was fixing to explode. I took my girlies out for a few hours and every damn species in the lake was biting. Here are some pics from the carnage.

img_1290.jpg img_1289.jpg

img_1285.jpg img_1284.jpg

img_1291.jpg img_1288.jpg


As you can see …..Sierra had a day including a carp on a crappie rig. For about 30 seconds I thought a MEGA walrus had been duped by a half inch crappie jig. I talked to several folks that fished that day and 85% of em had smiles. Life was good and Falcon Lake was going to go bonkers heading into February. Well fast forward to today…February 11th. I have been on the water 4 times. Twice with clients in 30 mph hurricane force winds. Neither day made noon and one of the days didn’t make 11. I am happy to report no skunks and 7 fish between the two days were caught. All seven fish were clone 2 pound males. The other two times I have been on the water was to run my boat more so than to fish. I do not want to beat up Falcon Lake anymore. So I am not and will focus on the positives.

Positive #1

The lake is in GREAT shape. We are sitting at 264. Our water levels could be better, but 264 is a great depth and I have caught a bazillion fish at this depth over the years.


Positive #2

The lake is LOADED full of fish and just as importantly BAIT. You can’t flip your side scan on and not see shad EVERYWHERE. The lake isn’t fishing slow because of a lack of fish.


Positive #3

If you are reading this and have waited to come down….congrats. You have rolled the dice and won. How long should you wait to come down? Man I wish I had the answer, but I can damn near promise you…..glory is coming.


Positive #4

Even during these tough tough tough times the last 6 weeks or so there have been magical days and fish caught. Heck you only have to go back one day to yesterday. John Adami had a client catch a near miss 11 pounder. Was it a grind? Did they have to put their hard hats on? Sure…..but the payoff here on Falcon Lake can be truly magical.



I have a heck of busy stretch coming and I am going to not only be guiding on Falcon during that stretch, but will be guiding on 3 other lakes as well. Gonna be a fun ride. If you see an opening on the calendar that you like……holler!




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