Sleeping beauty……MVM #14

As you could tell from the Danny/Max pic from yesterday……Danny enjoys his sleep and when I went to get get him at 6:30 dynamite could not blow him out of the guest house. Soooooooo I let him sleep until 8 before I got lil more aggressive with the wake-up call. lol. When we finally did arrive at our first stop Danny scored a nice 6ish lber and as you can see by the color she was a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep post spawn fish.



We caught plenty of fish today….well I should say Danny did. I got my butt kicked and at the end of the day I had an 8 lber finish the butt kicking. Bad part is that it was caught on film. Hey, I can barely wipe my



……ah errrrrr…..nevermind, let alone reel in an 8 pound fish. It was ugly and there is no way I’m posting the video. Don’t ask……and it ended with Danny nearly eating my crankbait, ugh. Danny has some blackmail video for sure and I am not even talking about the over the side of the boat moment….ah….errrrrrr…..nevermind x2.

yikes     yikes


Needless to say Danny is safe from my Mr. Camera for a while.


Check out one of Danny’s fish below. It had a 5 pound head, but good grief that fish has been roughed up.


20140407-202127.jpg  20140407-202214.jpg






MVM #14 The King of Pop “Bad”





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