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Falcon Report

Sierra with a MONSTER………

By December 21, 2012No Comments

…………. I had to pick up the girls early today from school because of early release. Sooooooo, no morning fishing for me. I did however take the crew out for a few hours. Sierra is still trying to master the whole baitcaster thing….lol. She did pick up a bass on a 1/2 oz white and Chartreuse spinnerbait in 3 foot of water…..yes 3 foot of water. Just call me a shallow water expert. We did a lot of riding today while they were busy eating their treats from the Christmas parties that they had at school. I found a lot of good drains with rock and timber close by. Some areas had some promising spawning flats as well. One major problem, nets and a lot of them. Another problem? We were on the US side. Not cool. I am VERY respectful of netters and their business, but lay 7 nets on the US side where I am trying to fish? We ended the day fishing a few spots in the Veleno with ZERO luck. I will be back at it tomorrow with the whole gang, wife included. I am looking forward to taking her out. She loooooves to fish, but her 16 hr work days and me guiding on a near everyday basis really limits our opportunities. We will take advantage of some great weather and time off. Sure hope I can get her a good one. We will be hitting some new stuff at all depth ranges, but if need be we will hit a few of my “top” spots. She will get a few fish come hell or high water. I will report back tomorrow.