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Pretty much sums it up……I feel bad for Cliff. We had to postpone his trip to Sugar because of his RV, Vegas, and now my illness. When I got back from Vegas I arrived to the land of the walking dead here in my house. All three of my girls were sick and Sierra was/is really sick. Sooooooo sure enough it came on like a hurricane yesterday and by 10 o’clock my tonsils were as big as bowling balls. Then go ahead and add throwing up my birthday dinner into the mix. I called Cliff and told him what was going on and he decided to play it safe and avoid the Greishaw plague. Smart move in my opinion. Cliff has his own boat down here and will be able to fish Falcon the next couple of days. I am busy taking meds and water……I am on the books for Sugar again on Thursday/Friday and want to be in tip top shape for the festivities.



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