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Falcon Report

Shot a one under par today……

By September 24, 2013No Comments

…….then I had to play the last 16 holes. Two triple bogies and a quad 8 on number 18 later I shot an 88. Tommy and I had a bet. The loser had to use their boat tomorrow for the scouting run.




Any question who the loser was?




Here is a look at the card.




No doubt I enjoy golfing, but to be honest I won’t be able to sleep much tonight. I wasn’t able to sleep much Sunday night either……why? The anticipation of fishing Falcon that’s why. Mind you I had to cancel my Monday trip with Mr. Steve because my little one was sick…….AGAIN. Falcon is soooooo special and I have fished it for who knows how many hours and days. It never gets old and there is no other place on the planet where I would want to be come 7 AM tomorrow morning. Tommy will be running his GOPRO camera tomorrow. I sure hope we can get on a few big girls for you all to watch and enjoy.


Give us ring if you want to feel what its like to anticipate a day or days here on Falcon Lake where any cast may be the one you will never forget. I will be looking to beat the fish pictured below tomorrow.