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Falcon Report

Sequel to Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man: Falcon Edition

By January 7, 2013No Comments

Move over Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke   harley-davidson-marlboro-man






Buddy Select and The Miller Light Man IMG_2197[1]





I had these fellas yesterday and we barely kicked ole Pepe Le Pew out of the boat. Today on the other hand was a damn good day by current lake standards and heck I even caught a couple. I have to confess I cost The Miller Light Man a huge fish. It’s been so long since I have had the opportunity at netting a giant, I freakin choked. HARD. I stabbed at the fish and the treble got caught in the net, but half the fish wasn’t in the net. Yes, panic set in and I tried to boat flip a nine-pounder that was hanging on by one treble with half of her body in the net and half out. I didn’t take screwing that up very well. These fellas actually had to bust out their inner Dr. Phil on me. lol. I finally get a client on a monster and I don’t finish the deal. Man that hurts. These fellas enjoy themselves fish or no fish as you can see. Buddy Select did hang one on the scales that went 8 lbs 3 oz for our biggest BOATED fish. ugh. Their last day is tomorrow and we will go give it heck.