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Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllloooooooow start to 2020 and the first Basschamps prediction of 2020.

Slow? Yeah you bet… more ways than one. As of this writing I have had 0…..nada….no jobs. Much of that is my fault to a degree. When folks call me and the first words out of their mouth is…”Hows the fishing Jay?” I will always shoot my clients as straight as possible. Good, Bad, or UGLY…..and right now Falcon is fishing as ugly as I’ve seen in quite some time. I have had between 8 and 12 days this month that I could of booked if I wanted to be less than truthful about Falcon’s current state of fishing. I just can’t do it though and if that means 1 less Vegas trip(or 0) this year than so be it. I know how valuable time off and vacations are to folks…..been there. My Dad and I got lied to many a year ago on a trip. (NOT in Texas….and won’t out the place either) I know what it was like to spend 11 months looking forward to a fishing trip and bankrupting the family to do it. Hell, every year my Dad would sell 2 to 3 guns the week before we left just to make damn sure we had that trip of a lifetime. With all that gloom and doom said, has there been some good days had here on Falcon in January? Sure…….has there been some good fish caught on the lake? Sure. The predominant bite still has been offshore. We just have not had that real cold snap to get these fish out of that pattern. We are also pulling water. That REALLY doesn’t help fish move shallow. Our first prolonged cold snap is inbound and will be here Sunday. I think the lakes fishing dynamics will change a great deal and hopefully for the good. I have been on the lake 4 times this month. I spent 90% of my time on the water trying to be the first to find the first major wave of 2020 spawners. To say I struck out would be the understatement of the early decade. I stumbled onto one flat that had a bunch of males on it. I thought for sure I had a mother load fixing to move on up in that area……NEGATIVE. The 10% that I spent offshore was productive, but good grief….cast after cast after cast after cast after cast with a crankbait and finally one would load up(the definition of a grind)………here is the first walrus of 2020 for High Stakes Bassin.¬†Good days are ahead folks…..I promise.



Alright…..tis the season for my Basschamps predictions which I enjoy doing year after year.


Winning best 5 fish stringer: 26.73 lbs

Big Bass: 11.14 lbs (not caught by the winners and would not surprise me if that is the only fish weighed for that team)

Check line: 13.97 lbs

Last year’s Bass champs I predicted that 50% of the field wouldn’t weigh a limit of 5 fish. The tournament had 52% NOT weigh a limit of fish. This year? I am putting that % all the way up to 75%. That’s right…..75 % of the field will not weigh a limit of fish. Best of luck out there Champs…..always the creme of the South Texas crop.



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