Scott and Shawn turn the tables on Falcon and a belated MVM #13

Scott and Shawn have two new personal bests after today.









I would like to thank these two fine fellas for sticking with me. Let me be clear once again…..these two men worked tirelessly over the last two days to catch these two walruses and are mighty proud of catching them as well they should be. Falcon Lake is not handing out free rides…..@ss, grass, or cash….ain’t nobody riding for free. I got into an area later in the day that I wish I would of spent more time in, but thems the breaks. Tomorrow I plan on putting a new Terrova on and changing my oil in both my truck and SHO. I have banking to do and a post office run to get my passport paperwork turned in. Technically I’m off, but I sure am going to be busy…….



Here’s one more fish from my man Shawn……4.87





Sorry about the late MVM!!!!! I was sooooooo bummed out about yesterday’s fishing performance I totally whiffed on the MVM entry.


My favorite current artist and it’s not close….Mr. Kip Moore with “Hey Pretty Girl”












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