Schedule updates, Finances, Storms, and a new PB for my man Robby.

With the Covid 19 thing in the review mirror…….here is a look at my schedules through the month of September. I am booking “all” “small” and “tall” trips with no limitations. (had to slip in a Vegas reference……been a while and miss my craps tables)


Here are pics of my schedules……..and they can also be found using the schedule tab up top.














As you can see the books are wiiiiiiide open. I also want to take a moment to let folks know that we are doing fine financially. I’ve had numerous clients and some non clients reach out and offer financial assistance. I want to be as clear as possible with what I type and how I type it. (remember I’m not an English major)

I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciated all the texts, emails, and calls offering help. I’m serious….thank you a million times over.

With that being said the family and I are doing fine. I don’t need very many trips to pay my bills and keep my internet and power on so that I can play War Zone on the Xbox. (and hopefully soon, watch sports on DirecTV) Now…….. am I headed out to Vegas any time soon to throw money all over the felt? I believe Mr. Bishop Bullwinkle says it best.


Ok lets shift gears to Falcon Lake and the current fishing conditions. The last week to ten days has seen a lot of localized rain hit our water shed. That rain also had some of the strongest wind I have ever seen in my life. (including the tropical storms I saw in Virginia)



We have come up 5 plus feet…..fantastic development as we head into our tropical season down here. The fishing is pretty damn good most days and as we slow the rise down it will get even better. Here are a few recent fish.

img_1897.jpg img_1896.jpg

img_1899.jpg img_1900.jpg



And here is an example of taking a good pic…..and taking a bad pic. Robby caught a 9.03 lb walrus last year with me and was his PB.



Great pic……one of the best I’ve ever taken. Now fast forward to last week……Robby smashes his PB with a 9.66 just missing his MEGA walrus certification card.



I like the pic of Robby, but I sure didn’t get the best of that fish. Yes, I am fanatical about my pics….lol.


Thanks for reading as always and hope to see ya soon.



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