Schedule ***UPDATE*** post October 25th 10:00 PM

(25th) Update time…Danny has decided to stay one more day….lol, I can’t blame him. Sunday is still open though! I also have booked up next weekend! Justin fished with me last September and caught a pretty tough day. After checking my last report he is going to give it another go and I can’t blame him either. Come on down while you can folks.

November 2nd and 3rd are now booked!



(24th) Update time….I am booked for tomorrow. (Friday) I still have the weekend open (Sat. and Sun) I stayed off the water today to rest my back….looking forward to putting Danny on the mother load tomorrow!




(23rd) Ok it’s now 9:10 PM and no other takers as of right now my weekend is open. I fished today for about 5 hours and I am telling you……get down here. Nuff said. I will be out again tomorrow working my tail off for whoever books and comes to fish with me. Drop me a line….this weekend will be terrific.




I am going to update this post as SOON as somebody grabs dates that are between now and the end of November. I am fielding A LOT of calls for these dates and for good reason. As mentioned in my last post the fishing has really turned on. I want to be as fair as possible and let everyone know as soon as possible when dates get taken.


(22nd) Tuesday 8:30 PM — Clay ……grrrreat return client of mine from San Antonio!! booked up November 4th, 5th, and 6th


(23rd) Wednesday 9:00 AM — Dave from Colorado booked up October 28th, 29th, and 30th


Here are the links for October and November:




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