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Falcon Report

Schedule Update…..out working Falcon…..2014’s first “Music Video Monday” entry!

By January 6, 2014February 6th, 2014No Comments

First off I would like to apologize for some crossed wires in regards to my schedule. Totally my fault and I take great pride in making sure my online schedule page is 99.9 % accurate. I have three schedules……a hard copy, my phone, and my website. I am constantly cross referencing each to make sure they all align. Please if you do not see your days as booked email or call me. Here is a look at the next several months ahead. If you are thinking about coming down don’t hesitate to drop me a line and I will get you on my books.





















Starting tomorrow, Falcon Lake and I will be in a straight up stare-down. I am going to out work Falcon and if there’s a pattern that will consistently put fish in the boat…..I am going to find it.






Each Monday in 2014 I will post a Music video for you to enjoy, laugh at or just simply scratch your head. Should be fun and don’t hesitate to send me some requests! (keep it clean….well somewhat


Music Video Monday #1….Willie with my favorite version of Always on My Mind.