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Schedule update and my official Basschamps prediction and thoughts

I have one more day on the books for the month of January. I am going to be taking Lonnie and Clifford on a one day Sugar Lake adventure on Thursday the 28th. I think I will probably have at least one more trip next week as well depending on weather, etc. (looking grrrrrrrreat at the moment)

My February schedule is really looking good with some nice dates still available towards the end.



March is still a hot topic and still has plenty of room.



April is the last Basschamps here on Falcon. I already have one team signed up and will be putting me in their corner. Damn good sticks with damn good info is a lethal combo. I still have plenty of room for more teams and also regular trips as well. April dates will start to fall sooner rather than later. I might head out to Vegas this month as well, but to be honest I would rather stay here and whack on some fish with you all. Soooooo drop me a line if April fits into your schedule. Both Falcon and Sugar will be getting to the point of silliness.



Enough of the schedule updates, lets talk about BASSCHAMPS!!!!!! The first Basschamps tournament of the year will be tomorrow. They really have hit the jackpot in regards to the weather. We have been on a warming trend and we have light winds today and also will have light winds the day of the tournament. Most of the folks that fish Basschamps have been fishing these lakes for years and are as good a stick as you will find on any tournament trail. I’m serious these guys can catch em. Here are a few predictions for ya:

Winning 5 fish stringer: 24.79 lbs ——- I think we will have 3 to 5 20 plus pounds bags.

Big fish: 13.24 lbs ——– Big mommas are moving around and with this warming trend I really believe somebody fishing in less than 8 foot of water will stumble into a fish of a lifetime.

Check line: 15.78 lbs ———- I believe this is where the log jam is going to be. You better know how to cull and not screw up because if you are in the 15’s I think it will be fractions of a pound that determine whether you get a check or not.


Where will the winning stringer come from? It won’t come from the river. Every other creek and or main lake rock or house foundation is fair game though. If I had to bet my hard earned money I would say the spinnerbait, rattle trap or soft plastic t-rig in amongst the jungle will be the winning pattern. I would not of said that 2 weeks ago or heck even last week for that matter. I wanna wish every single angler the best of luck and above all, be safe and be courteous to those around you……reputation and character are worth far more than a dollar.



My oldest princess turns 12 today. Crazy stuff, I hate using the expression ‘time flies’, but goodness it does. She is such a wonderful kid. I’m serious and not just saying that because she’s mine. She just has a heart of freaking gold and hope that never changes.







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