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Schedule update

This weekend is now booked up. September is nearly shot and in the books.





October still has plenty of room to get a dream trip lined up. Falcon is popping 20 to 25 lb bags with 50 fish days possible. Sugar is just fishing silly right now and is tough to describe accurately for those that have never been. Here is a look at October.



I just got my first 2016 job tonight as well. January 17th is booked up. I also want to remind my tournament clients to book early to get the dates you need prior to any of the big upcoming tourney trails that are coming to town in 2016. I want to be clear…..I work my tail off for every single one of my tournament anglers, just as I do for my non tournament clients. You will get 127.83% effort out of me EVERY TIME out there and we will let the chips fall where they may. If I am guiding on a tournament day or days you can bet your ass that my clients and I will try to win that tourney on that given day. I hold NOTHING back when I am working. I have had a TREMENDOUS amount of success guiding on tournament days. My tournament clients have had a TREMENDOUS amount of success fishing on those same days as well. I know what you are thinking…..why am I bringing this up? I got an email today that really pissed me off. If you have been reading my report for any length of time and/or have fished with me, you know that I am as straight laced as they come. I tell it EXACTLY how it is and don’t back down from what is right. I was gonna post this email and my response, but have decided against it……for now.

Time to get off my soapbox.


CYA in a few days……we are going certified walrus hunting South of the border.






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