Scanning, Mapping, and fishing……the z522 is fixed

I launched from the North end today and my goal was simple.  Fish where nobody else is and that will continue to be my goal over the next several days as I look for fish off the beaten path.  I caught 6 fish today with three in the 5 lb range, one 4 lber (pictured), and 2 bucks that might have been two pounds apiece.  All 6 fish were caught without a single boat within eyesight or heck even binocular sight……lol.  Was nice not having 6 F’ing boats run me off a spot……not going into that rant again.  I burned a lot of gas today and most of it was idling.  I swear I’m going to see my HDS-8 screen in my dreams tonight.  I had some really crazy contraptions rigged up for today and have to be honest, I didn’t use em. I wanted to use confidence lures while I fished new water.  So I stuck with cranks and heavy crigs.  The 4 females came off the crig in 20 plus feet of water.  The fish pictured came out of 27 feet of water.  Check out how pale she is……..



All of the females had the same color to them.  The two bucks were caught on a tilapia DD22 in roughly 8 – 12 foot of water, right beside deep water.  Nothing was bunched up yet again today.  One fish here and one fish there.


I am off to Alice tomorrow to pick up the Ranger and I forget so quickly just how nice that Ranger is with the Terrova TM.  I have been in the Bullet for nearly a month and I am very much looking forward to getting back into the z522.  Looks like the 20th and 21st of January just got booked up.  I still have some great May, June, and July dates open……..heck with this cold weather, lol.


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