Sally, Jessie’s and the one that got away

Took out Laura and Danny for a falcon lake bass trip today. This couple can be described in one word. Fun. The fish did not bite today plain and simple. I felt awful that I was not able to move around to some of my better main lake areas, as the wind was just too strong to run and gun. We ran to tigers and hunkered down. Seeeeeelow…. We did manage a 9 lb’er, 2 heavy 6’s, 3 5’s and several other 1-3 lbers. Danny got falcon’ed’ twice today. The one was a real heartbreaker. Typical monster crankbait bass that flops out of the water several times and each time you hold your breath as she shakes her bucket mouth. This one though came unbuttoned right at the boat pulling down and away. Laura did get her personal best today tipping the scales at 6 pounds and 11 oz! I look forward to seeing them again in the not so distant future.

Total fish: 17
Best 5: 32 lbs
Kicker: 9 lbs (unfortunately it was caught by me)

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