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Ryan and Blake blitz Falcon Lake……

Wow did these two fellas straight up WHACK the fish. The best part about today is that they had a chance to have an epic day, but the big girlies won today. I’m not going to lie I was pretty scared around 10am. We had maybe 6 fish in the boat? and not a lot going on. I made a few moves and we got on em in a big way. Falcon was starting to worry me. Things just were not coming easy for me the last couple of weeks and then the start to today was awful. Sure am glad we finally had a Falcon Lake nuclear explosion. Oh I also want to give my friend some credit today. I am sure you all know who I’m talking about… I went back to his lil honey hole at the very end of the day and we whacked on em there pretty good. Ya gotta love bass fishing, zero yesterday to 10 today in about 15 minutes.


Here is a pic from the da jungle……Tarzan didn’t have anything on these two men today.



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