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Falcon Report

Round two….

By August 13, 2012No Comments

We caught another spectacular day again. We started out like a house of fire and then the hardhat was not an option it was a requirement….. Lol. Ole Colten has himself one heck of father and the good thing is, I really think he understands that. There is nothing better than taking out a father and his kid. Good news is that Billy will be bringing his dad down to fish with me in the not so distant future. How cool is that? Bring your son to falcon and then bring your father. Billy’s dad has never been on a guided trip before. I am already looking forward to it. After a day like today, it really makes me want to hang out with my folks….. Good news is that they will be in ztown in under a month and are bringing the bullet back down..

Total fish: 14
Best five 24 ish
Kicker: 6 ish (two of em)