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Round 3 for Ryan….

I have been spending a lot of time the last month or so trying to stay on top of these fish on the North end of the lake. Today I was hoping for a payoff for all the time spent. I’ll cut to the chase……my payoff was worth about $1.27. I ended up throwing in the towel and made a big move South to Tigers and really grinded out a pretty good day all things considered. Ryan boated two 5 pounders…..5.84 being the biggest. The best part of the day?



Ryan and I both thought this was “the one”. lol…….ugh.



Here are Ryan’s 5 lbers from the day…….one was caught on the crig. (plum powerbait 10 inch worm) The other was caught on a 6xd. We will be back at it tomorrow bright and early on the South end of the lake.

IMG_5708[1]  IMG_5707[1]





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