Round 2

I had a goal to get these guys on fish before 1:30 in the afternoon.  That goal was met as we pounded the fish for the first hour and a half.  Only problem was size……nothing over 3 and a half pounds.  We could have stayed there all day and probably caught 30 fish.  We did see a guy boat a spawned out 6 lber, but that was certainly not enough to keep our attention.  So we made a move to fish some of my deep water and 3 of the spots were covered up and the other had a damn net paralleling where I like having my boat positioned.  Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my gameplan got shot to hell and my results showed as such.  We caught 2 fish the last 6.5 hours.  Yes, the exact opposite of what happened yesterday.  We only had one big bite today towards the very end.  Sir David had a monster hit his crank at the boat and before he realized what the heck happened the fish was 20 ft away ripping drag.  David had a brand new reel that didn’t have the drag set……the fish was polite enough to jump out of the water and gently hand him his crankbait back.  If that fish is boated, hung on scales, and photographed it turns into a draw type of day.  You know what they say about if’s and but’s right?  I am going to give this round to Falcon…….



…..nope not kidding, a 13lb stringer doesn’t get it done…..regardless of number of fish caught.


Steak House part II at 5:30 tomorrow morning.








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