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Falcon Report

Roughly 30 to 35 bites and about 25 fish…..

By June 3, 2013No Comments

lipstick on a pig


What? That is not a pig up there…..ok, ok, ok. It is.


Total Fish: about 25

Best five: about 14 lbs

Kicker: about 4 lbs

Walrus bites: 0




Stop laughing…….


waynes world


Thank you…..



We caught a beautiful day here on Falcon and fished anything we wanted to fish and then some. We fished from 2 ft to 20 ft yet again and the common theme yet again was small. Kimbo and Jeff are straight class. They fished their @ss off today and will be ready to roll again tomorrow. The cool part about today was Jeff looking at me at the end of the day and saying, “hey that was a pretty good day”. That statement right there REALLY makes me want to show him a real Falcon type of day. I have these men two more days…….cmon Falcon, give me a good one for these fellas. Check out how dark the dink was……we caught several fish today that were dang near black. Cool stuff.