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Ronnie has himself a day with a new personal best on Falcon Lake Texas and a new hat?

My last day on Falcon until May was straight up awesome. New personal best? You bet….check out Ronnie’s 8.51 lb Falcon Lake walrus.



That wasn’t Ronnie’s only walrus…….



IF and that’s a big IF the wind doesn’t blow 30 mph the fishing here on Falcon is borderline spec freaking tacular. It’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve been able to say that with a straight face.



So I stop in to shoot the @#$% with the fellas at FLT and James goes aroundĀ the counterĀ and grabs two hats. He goes to hand me em and I tell him I’m not interested in a new hat……..he proceeds to say mine is starting to look a little rough.



Man I love that dag gone green hat and trust me she ain’t going anywhere. With that said I am going to give that beautiful red billed sombrero a shot manana.







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