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Falcon Report

Ron rips 2nd DD of the month!

By June 7, 2012No Comments

Took out a falcon regular today. The DD club would not allow him inside for years. Well today he got his VIP credentials with a 10 lb 6 oz monster of a bass. He now can go in any DD club he wants this side of Vegas :-0
We threw nothing but big arse baits at em all day and fished deep 95% of the time. We both got knocked around the ring by a few walruses. I had a first today. I caught a giant cranking in 16 ft of water and broke her of after a short tug of war. I put my head down to cry and moby came flying out of the water with my crankbait and threw it out of her mouth. Amazing…. She came all the way up from 16 ft! All in all a great day. The 10-6 was caught on what else? A falcon fluke in the fat Tuesday color.

Total fish: 20
Best 5: 40 lbs even
Kicker: Ron’s 10-6 (pictured)