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Rick the Stick and Eric the Great. Taking a break from the blog and Facebook.

Rick and Eric went to Sugar Lake looking to whack on some fish…..and whack on em they did to the tune of 73 bass. Did we boat any giants? Nah, did we have an opportunity or two? You bet. I could not of had two better clients to end an epic April and an Epic start to 2016. Here are a couple that were put into the ole 521vx.

IMG_2462.JPG IMG_2463.JPG



I will continue to check Emails and update my online calendar on a daily basis. The month of May will be another wonderfully busy month for I will, however, be taking a break from all Social Media including this blog for the month of May. I have been writing on a blog of some sorts or another for nearly 5 years. Time to give those minutes and hours to the family and re-evaluate my priorities when I am off the water or not in Mexico. I have been on Falcon or Sugar nearly everyday for months, either guiding or scouting. I come home prep boat for the following day, write my notes and a blog of the day that was, tap into Facebook, and forums all of which takes time and a lot of it. As many of you can tell, I love my job and love everything that goes with it. With that said I love my family as well. They have been INCREDIBLE over the last 4 months. I am going to make a conscious effort to give more time to my girlies going forward. I will return to the blog and Facebook June 2nd. Thanks as always for reading Highstakesbassin fans. We will see ya soon.




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