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Falcon Report

Rex and Bo VS Falcon Lake Round 3……*spoiler alert* Falcon didn’t win.

By November 7, 2012No Comments

Well we launched North and fished North most of the morning with limited success. As planned we ran every square inch of Falcon. Once again late in the day the fishing came alive. The one thing all three days had in common with these fellas is that the best bite was late. I thought it was a North/South deal, but I really believe it was a timing deal. Just when you though it couldn’t get better than it was Monday, it did and it was good to see after the stinker yesterday. Bo did some crazy work on cranks today and we all caught fish on a watermelon candy red brushhog….t-rig and c-rig. Did we catch 50 fish? nah and I really don’t know where we ended up totals wise. The last spot we stopped at got a little silly with I believe 6 fish over 6 lbs and a 9.4 kicker. The spot will forever be called “Rex’s Hole” I called the 9.4 a 10 lber when it jumped out of the water. I was shocked that it came up short. That is the first time I have ever called a fish a 10 lber and had it come up short on the scales.(I am VERY conservative) The best news of all is that Bo and Rex are already planning another trip in March with me…..should be fun. Enjoy the pics.