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Falcon Report

Research to rescue…….

By September 1, 2012No Comments

I was out bright and early today with my neighbor “looking”.  Then I got a phone call from yesterday’s clients and they were tied up to marker 3 with motor problems.  The boarder patrol told them they no longer tow and were shit out of luck.  What the @#$% is that?  I am still steaming over that.  I know of 3 folks in the past 2 months that have been towed in by them.  Sooooooooo my neighbor and I took them the rest of the way to the state park and then drove back to the county to get their trailer.  They didnt have 4 wheel drive so I detached my truck and used it.  Falcon was just too nasty today to try and tow a boat 17 plus miles.  So 4 hrs later the rescue mission was done and it nearly finished me off.  I came home loaded up on headache meds and laid down.  I just cant take beatings like that and wow did we ever.  Good news is that I feel 100 times better now and will give it heck tomorrow.