Pure MONSTER, EPIC, BATSHIT BONZI days along the border in Summer of 2020

Just not by my boat……

Check out John Adami and Jimmy Steeds Facebook pages. For those that don’t know they are full time guides here on Falcon Lake as well. Both of which are currently doing silly things out there and it’s fun to watch.


I have been on the water for a few trips of late and also on the water putting in work. (sunk another brush pile and trying to find productive areas that don’t have the dam in the background) Most all of my fish are coming off rocks with sharp drop offs from marker 3 to the dam. Tigers and State Park are also producing a few fish for me and I stress the word FEW. I took my girlies out Monday to check on the Veleno bite and a few other creeks and main lake spots up here. It was tough, tough, tough sledding. Pretty proud of my girls though. They spent 6 hours out there and helped me with a few trees and caught a handful of fish to boot.

img_1956.jpg img_1961.jpg



Last week loooooooong time clients made their way down to the border to fish with me. Last time Joel was down he dang near stroked a MEGA walrus……missed punching his DD ticket by mere ounces.



This trip Joel had to settle for just a run of the mill 8 pound walrus as his big fish of the trip…..lol.


I love me some Joel and Chad…….those guys were among the 1st to give me a shot damn near 9 years ago. Not too many years go by that Joel isn’t in my boat twice a year. Thanks men.


Here are a few more Jr Walruses from the past couple of days.

img_1940.jpg img_1941.jpg

img_1948.jpg img_1946.jpg

img_1939.jpg img_1938.jpg


As always High Stakes Bassin family…..thanks for reading and see ya along the border soon.

img_1960.jpg img_1958.jpg



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